A seamless whole — 1

December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018

A seamless whole? To be candid, I can’t come up with a simple definition of this new theme for the blog. I can’t write an expository essay about it. The best I can do is cite where I came across the words.

Richard Rohr, the American Franciscan friar who offers daily meditations that I value, often quotes or refers to Eknath Easwaran, an Indian-born spiritual teacher. Easwaran has translated and interpreted Indian religious texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. Easwaran writes: 

When the distorting instrument of the mind is made clear, we see life not as a collection of fragments, but as a seamless whole. We see the divine spark at the center of our very being; and we see simultaneously that in the heart of every other human being—in every country, in every race—though hidden perhaps by clouds of ignorance and conditioning, that same spark is present, one and the same in all.

One and the same in all human beings. In further consideration of the seamless whole — actually, during my walk on El Camino in Spain, I sensed that one and the same pertains not only to people but to all of creation, “though hidden perhaps by clouds of ignorance and conditioning.” Everything that is, was, and will be are one with a seamless whole.

That’s what I will blog about.

3 thoughts on “A seamless whole — 1”

  1. Hmm…this should be interesting 🙂 Is this like…on the one hand each of us are an insignificant drop in the ocean yet on the other we hold great value-worthy of respect??? (Just a thought-feel free to ignore it-really, I mean that.)


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