A seamless whole — 10

December 15, 2018

The distances from integer to integrity and from integrity to wholeness are minimal. All of us are members of units the may be considered whole and individual. We are members of a family, citizens of a state, individuals integrated into the natural order, and, during our careers, employees in an organization. Each of these has the potential of integrity although we are inclined to voice our opinions when something seems broken in the unit. 

We English speaking human beings are accustomed to use the term “whole” in many ways and for many purposes.  The whole lot … the whole shebang … the whole nine yards … the whole ball of wax … the whole enchilada … and a lot more idioms and usages. We are less accustomed to take very seriously our respective roles in the wholes of which we are a part.

How might we apply the blog theme “the seamless whole” to our various memberships in wholes? Seamlessness is alluded to in terms such as the happy family, the efficient workplace, the well-cared for environment, the unselfish basketball team, the wholesome vacation. Seamlessness is often a function of the behavior of each member of the whole. 

During my years working as a consultant in organizational communication, I encountered a wide range in organizational effectiveness. I soon learned that a successful for-profit business or non-profit service didn’t achieve that plain simply because of an effective CEO or good working conditions or happy clients. Effectiveness was always the mark of purpose, values, goals, tools, commitments and performance. Too bad I hadn’t yet come upon the concept of the seamless whole since that term defines quite well what we otherwise called the well-oiled machine.

2 thoughts on “A seamless whole — 10”

  1. Ah, as the Amish saying goes, “Now we’re cooking with gas”. I woke up before 4 this morning-couldn’t get back to sleep…excited for Marla and my plans for the day. We are going to attend the great and incomprehensible cathedral that is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Both of us will be reminded of the importance of simply being…being both an insignificant and integral part of the whole…at the same time!


  2. From “Songs of Dawn Boy”:
    Beauty below me,
        With it I wander.
    Beauty above me,
        With it I wander.
    Beauty all around me,
        With it I wander.
    In old age traveling,
        With it I wander.
    On the beautiful trail,
        With it I wander.


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