In my 80s

During the past several days when a confluence of electronics issues was about to submerge me, I decided to try mindfulness. Indeed I used it, even several times when I was wakeful at night. 

What I faced was this.

  • The new HP Envoy 7511 printer stopped on me.
  • My blog wouldn’t open for further entries and/or editing.
  • The iPhone informed me that it would offer limited use until I entered my password.
  • Something went crazy in the computer. Everything that had shown on the desktop was wiped out.
  • I continued to struggle to get an electronic speaker to work. 

I am not a computer geek. I am timid to ask for help. Further, I don’t always know where to turn for help (since my grandsons live far away). Can you not understand that these issues could have negatively affected the holidays for me?

Early attempts to solve the problems were unsuccessful

  • I tried for several hours to get the printer to work.
  • Initially I didn’t know what was wrong with the blog, so I tried and tried again to get it to respond.
  • I tried to dismiss the iPhone request, because I didn’t know what my password was.
  • The computer — the more buttons I pushed, the more confused was the computer. I send an e-mail to a neighborhood geek who didn’t answer back. 
  • I just stopped using the speaker.

At somewhere around this point, I thought about mindfulness. To make any headway, I first had to slow down. Then slow down some more. And I had to pull myself away specially from each of the problems. As I entered in elementary mindfulness I did indeed discover that a distance could be introduced between my thoughts and the anxious swirling of electronics frustrations. So yes, I could enjoy New Year’s celebrations. That was step one. 

And then I picked up on Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec’s definition of mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness is letting go of taking things for granted.
  • Mindfulness means to return to the present moment.
  • Mindfulness is the self-regulation of attention with an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance. 

It was the final one that caught my attention. I called myself to invite an attitude of curiosity, openness and acceptance. 

Do know that the electronics problems were not solved in an instant. But you might say that I was changed. I contacted HP: the local Best Buy gave me a new printer. I went to the very busy Apple store where I was put in contact with a geek who helped me pulled out of iCloud in order to work with files on my computer. I got out my page of passwords, saw they were dated, so I retyped the list and decided how I would simplify the passwords listing. And I slowed down in reading factory instructions.

Hey, I’m not out of the woods. The new printer needs a different set of instructions to print a project I’m into. The blog site was blocked by a password problem that I want to investigate. I’m needing to re-arrange my files, now that they’ve been messed up.

But today the three hours that I worked on these problems were not stressful like several days ago. I even took time to walk Rudy and to cut wood.

There is something to the discipline of mindfulness.

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