In my 80s

January 7, 2019

A mind and heart privilege it was to take a walk with Grandson Adrian in Fort Ben this morning.

He noticed particulars that I would miss, such as the red coloring in this broken tree trunk. 

Adrian is majoring in outdoor recreation at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. He has learned a lot about lichens, for example … 

 and mosses.

He identified a number of trees — the sycamore, of course, and the beech which I recognize. He knew the vertical lines of the sugar maple … 

 and the shaggy bark.

He tried unsuccessfully to climb up into the crotch of a three-part eastern cottonwood tree (which he first identified by its Latin name populous deltoids). 

And some of the time we simply walked in silence. 

We shared with each other what we understand of the connection of all things; I told him of my interest in the seamless whole.

I receive this hike as a gift of the new year.

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