In my 80s

January 8, 2019

A seamless whole?

It’s quite OK to imagine. I respond positively to your sentences that begin “What if … .” And I enjoy thinking “what if” thoughts, like the following.

What if our consciousness — maybe we should call it “what’s inside us” because I don’t mean to confuse consciousness with thinking or feeling — is essentially linked with consciousness everywhere else? Let me try to say it another way. What if your consciousness and my consciousness are not unique and private possessions, but rather exist as part of a universal essence?

Again, I’m not referring to our thoughts or emotions. I’m talking about what in Genesis is called “the breath of life.” What if the breath of life is a ubiquitous entity meted out or turned on in the gene dynamic when an egg is fertilized? 

What if a universal consciousness — that is the sum total of each and every  consciousness — were indivisible, actually one seamless whole? 

And what if consciousness in the act of residing in an individual is camouflaged by its very capacity to connect the individual with its surroundings, so that the typical person seldom if ever can knock on the door of consciousness, enter and look around?

One more. What is the possibility that a human being through a combination of meditation and mindfulness might apprehend just a slight bit of consciousness?

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