In my 80s

January 10, 2019

What might 80 year olds have to give up? What might 80 year olds take on?

Of course these two questions are relevant throughout life. A baby gives up crawling, takes on walking. A child gives up toddler toys for the things other school kids play with. And so on throughout life. 

Yet the senior’s agenda seems a tad more consequential, I suppose, because I am a senior. What have I given up in the recent past?

  • ten-mile walks
  • eight hours of physical work per day
  • TV news that features more loud commercials than news
  • a second car
  • formal wear
  • solo 600-mile motor trips to see relatives
  • formal wear
  • nights out on the town
  • snow shoveling
  • volunteer work digging out invasives
  • checking our TIAA-CREF balance but once a quarter
  • opening can lids by hand
  • the charity that over-begs
  • I 465 around Indy during rush hour
  • favorite work shoes that have given me their soles 

What have I taken on?

  • a puppy
  • more coffee friends
  • meditation
  • afternoon naps
  • hearing aids
  • new prescription for glasses
  • more evenings by the fireplace
  • C-pap machine
  • texting with family
  • CBD oil
  • a player for my old CDs
  • podcasts
  • another tooth crown
  • writing notes so that I don’t forget 

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