In my 80s

January 11, 2018

Each day has its markings. Mornings, I can anticipate some events, but always expect surprises.

Today’s highlight was lunch with my brother Hal and his wife Chris and Joy.  They are wonderful people. 

Today’s anticipation is snow beginning this evening — maybe to be measured in inches. The snow blower started immediately, as though impatient with the long delay since its most recent use. 

Today’s chores went surprisingly well: reserving tickets for Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra concerts; making financial calculations in preparation for an insurance decision; printing another several pages of the chapbook; and carrying two loads of wood to the front porch for the fireplace.

Today’s surprise was grandson Ben’s invitation to read his assignments this semester so that we can discuss them. He is a senior at Duke.

And the day isn’t over. 

What if we could access a video that showed us one highlight from each day of our lives!  Eliminating, of course, those regrettable things we did and said. 

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